Study abroad virtually!

This semester, we are launching the Virtual Open Learning Campus, a collaboration network of selected partner universities. Together, we create a pool of seminars, lectures and modules that are offered in English and entirely virtual at our universities.

You can select the courses of interest, participate and seek Credit Point recognition at your home university. You can choose the courses to add that little extra knowledge or diversity to your transcript. Or you add a specialization that is otherwise not obtainable at your home university.

 VOLC International Teaching Pilot
VOLC International Teaching Pilot

Here to stay!

This pool of courses is meant to stay even beyond the Corona Crisis. We think, so-called "virtual mobilities" create advances in Internationalisation for

  • students who could otherwise not afford a semester abroad;
  • students who just wish to enrich their academic transcript with a few international specifics courses from partner universities;
  • students who cannot study abroad because they care for family members or friends

Side effects include Internationalisation at home!

The Virtual Open Learning Campus also creates an intercultural momentum at the "host university“, when national are joined by students from South Africa, Finnland or New Zealand. This Internationalisation at home is enriching for all individuals involved. Please, make use of this opportunity. With demand from students, we can take the project to the next level, be it full virtual semesters abroad or even a full degree programme.

 VOLC International Teaching Pilot