Marketing Management - Hochschule Flensburg


Hochschule Flensburg


Prof. Alexander Deseniss

Title of course

Marketing Management



Degree: Bachelor

Semester: 2

Date start of the course: anytime

Date end of the course: 3 month after start

Time: continuos / online

Subject area: Economy

Participation via:

The course is being offered as a series of podcasts (available as download). The podcast series covers various classical topics in marketing management. Each topic section comprises a conceptual podcast discussing theory and conceptional issues of the re



 Approaches and schools of thought regarding tasks, character and limits of management in general and market-oriented management in particular  Basic strategic concepts of marketing (such as strategic competitive advantage, brand management, and customer relationship management)  Specific application contexts of marketing and their particularities (e.g. services marketing, digital marketing)  Societal and ethical aspects of marketing: Sustainability and marketing


Conditions of Participation

no specific conditions


Teaching Methods

Self-teaching through podcast series; accompanied by interaction with lecturer through web-based technologies (e-mail, web conferencing)


Learning outcomes / Competences

Successful completion of the module enables the students to do the following:  They are familiar with different views and schools of thought regarding the character and tasks of (market-oriented) management and have integrated these different perspectives into an own understanding of tasks, possibilities and limits of (market-oriented) management.  They possess a differentiated understanding of fundamental marketing concepts and are able to translate this understanding into an adequate application of these concepts in decision-making situations.  They are acquainted with the most important specifics of major marketing application contexts (such as services marketing, online marketing), are able to assess the relevance of these specifics for the design of marketing concepts in these contexts, and are able to regard these insights in their own management and decision-making behavior.


Forms of examination

Three short written reflections on selected course topics (weighted 20% each) & 30 minute oral exam covering all course topics (web conference; weighted 40%)


Conditions for allocation of credit points

Successful completion of all exam parts (each of the exam parts must be passed successfully)


Other information

Literature Kotler, P./ Keller, K. L./ Brady, M./ Goodman, M./ Hansen, T. (2016). Marketing management. International edition (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall Aaker, D. A. / Moorman, C. (2017). Strategic market management (11th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Zeithaml, V. A. / Bitner, M. J. / Gremler, D. D. (2018). Services marketing: Integrating customer focus across the firm (7th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Education. Besides the titles listed, all other common academic textbooks covering marketing management in general, or specific course topics, may be used for the course.