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Merja Mäkelä

Title of course

Measurement and Control Technology



Degree: Bachelor

Semester: 2

Date start of the course: 4.9.2020

Date end of the course: 17.12.2020

Time: t.b.a

Subject area: Energy

Participation via:

Learn (Moodle) /Adobe Connect



How are you able to control automatically the level of a tank, the temperature of a fluid, the flow in a pipeline or the pressure of steam, and thus improve the energy efficiency of a process? How does a PID controller compute the control signal to an actuator in a feedback control loop, and how are the tuning parameters specified? How do differential equations and Laplace transfer function models describe process dynamics, and how are these models applied to Matlab Simulink for simulations? How are you able to make program for a measurement, feedback control or pump control in a programmable logic controller (PLC)?


Conditions of Participation

Bachelor level course, basics of instrumentation, PI diagrams, enrolling up to late Septembe


Teaching Methods

Webinars with discussions and recording, two self-study projects (Matlab Simulink, PLC)


Learning outcomes / Competences

This course aims to give an overview of measurement and control technology used in process industries. The need of control technology is focused: main control principles are introduced. The role of instruments and control systems is discussed. This course should give the basic understanding about the process control, needed for operation, maintenance and engineering activities. After this course, you will be able to • identify basic measurement and control principles • explain basic instrumentation and motor loops • compute PID tuning parameters based on process dynamics • explain the role of automation in process industries • utilize and realize basic measurement and control applications based on programmable logic controllers. 5 Forms of examination Scheduled in Learn (Moodle) 6 Conditions for the allocation of credit points 3 International Virtual Campus Course Details for Credit Transfer 50 % exam, 50 % projects, both should be accepted.


Forms of examination

Scheduled in Learn (Moodle)


Conditions for allocation of credit points

50 % exam, 50 % projects, both should be accepted.


Other information

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