OESH 6030 – Advanced Topics in Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health: OESH Disorders - The University of the West Indies


The University of the West Indies


Dr. Verrol Simmons, Mr. Roger Mc Lean, Ms. Cherril Sobers

Title of course

OESH 6030 – Advanced Topics in Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health: OESH Disorders



Degree: Bachelor and Master

Semester: 1

Date start of the course: 26 Feb 2021

Date end of the course: 12 May 2021

Time: Local starting time of course: 5:00 pm Local Time Zone: GMT-4 / UTC-4 Mode (weekly, two-weekly, twice a week): weekly

Subject area: Languages

Participation via:

Blackboard Collaborate (BBC)



• OESH Disorders and Organ Systems • Industrial Toxicology • HIV Aids in the workplace • Corporate Social Responsibility


Conditions of Participation

There are no prerequisites to register for this course, once enrolled in a Masters programme.


Teaching Methods

Teaching is currently done online using the Blackboard Colloborate (BBC) system


Learning outcomes / Competences

Upon completion, students will be able to: •Give directions in the workplace regarding the control of toxins •Design educational/training programs to address exposures to chemicals, their effects and understanding the exposures pathways •Respond to specific chemical exposures in the workplace •Support the Universal Principles for HIV/AIDs in the workplace and direct implementation of workplace policy •Access and manipulate chemical databases for relevant information


Forms of examination

Forms of examination •Coursework and in-course tests: 50% •One 3-hour written examination paper or a 5-day asynchronous take-home examination: 50% (the latter is done if the environment is not conducive to face-to-face examinations)


Conditions for allocation of credit points

Students must pass both the coursework and the examination to pass this four (4) credit course.


Other information

Literature Klaassen, Curtis D.; Casserts and Doull’s Toxicology, 6th Ed. McGraw-Hill 2001.