Process Control Systems and Communication Networks - South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences


South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences


Merja Mäkelä, Principal Lecturer

Title of course

Process Control Systems and Communication Networks



Degree: Bachelor

Semester: Spring 2021

Date start of the course: 11.01.2021

Date end of the course: 26.02.2021

Time: Given later

Subject area: Economy

Participation via:

Learn (Moodle) /Adobe Connect Connect



1. System Hardware 2. Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and Plant Operation 3. Automation projects 4. Fieldbuses in Connecting Instrumentation and Motor Control 5. Digitalization Progress and Internet of Things (IoT) in Automation Which hardware components do you need for a process control system? How is a measurement signal transferred from a measurement transmitter to a remote control room of a power plant, or a command signal from an operator to a controlled actuator? How are you able to design measurement, open control, feedback control, on-off valve and on-off motor loops independently for a process control system? How are you able to connect smart instruments and motor control units using industrial fieldbus cables and protocols? How do communication standards, cloud services and IoT affect industrial networks and the development of digitalization in industrial applications?


Conditions of Participation

Bachelor level course, basics of measurement and control required.


Teaching Methods

1) Webinars with discussions and recordings 2) Pre-recorded lectures 3) Interactive self-study exercises 4) Small design activities


Learning outcomes / Competences

After completing this course, you will be able to 1) present the arrangement and components of a process control system used in a process plant 2) describe the main operation tasks and use basic HMIs in plant operations 3) analyse basic automation loops based on PI diagrams, and work out system- independent functional loop descriptions and diagrams 4) explain the role of main communication protocols used in industrial networks 5) describe the utilization of artificial intelligence in industrial automation.


Forms of examination

Five partial exams, scheduled in Learn (Moodle).


Conditions for allocation of credit points

Passed five partial exams.


Other information