Production Management - Hochschule Flensburg


Hochschule Flensburg


Prof Dr Volker LOOKS

Title of course

Production Management



Degree: Bachelor

Semester: 3

Date start of the course: Mid May 2021

Date end of the course: Appr. Early July

Time: To be defined

Subject area: Economy

Participation via:

Stud.IP and Webex



1. Terms, principles and definitions of production and the main types of production. 2. The production and its performance within a supply chain. 3. Methods for analysing a production system and its strengths and weaknesses (opportunities and risks). 4. Methods to improve the efficiency of a production (quality, time, costs). 5. Management and change of production systems.


Conditions of Participation

Business or technical background in production and/or supply chain management (or related subjects).


Teaching Methods

Lecture (online) with case study and simulations to illustrate the dynamic effects in productions and the effects of the improvement methods.


Learning outcomes / Competences

• Students know the basic functions of production and the different types of production and understand their relevance in the performance of a supply chain. They understand production as a complex system. • Students analyse the performance of a production system and identify its strengths and weaknesses. • The students develop improvement approaches and apply the essential improvement methods and then evaluate the effects of the improvement (PDCA cycle). • Students recognize the complexity of production systems and know essential management and change approaches for the operation and improvement of these systems.


Forms of examination

Case study (in team of four) and exam (option of extended case study).


Conditions for allocation of credit points



Other information

Interdisciplinary module for business students and mechanical/production engineers.